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Recommended Gravure Idol / Artists

Top 10 Recommended Gravure Idol:

1. Baba Fumika
2. Sano Hinako
3. Matsukawa Yuiko
4. Hoshina Mizuki
5. Ishikawa Ren
6. Hisamatsu Ikumi
7. Katayama Moemi
8. Yoshioka Riho
9. Asakawa Nana
10. Takeda Rena

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Top 10 Recommended Japanese Adult Video Idol (JAV Idol) :

1. Ayashiro Yurina
2. Hatano Yui
3. Rio
4. Sakura Mana
5. Momotani Erika
6. Sakura Yura
7. Suzumura Airi
8. Kojima Minami
9. Uehara Ai
10. Amami Tsubasa

Top 10 Recommended Artists:

1. Morning Musume; recommended song: pop Naichau Kamo, ballad Mushoku Toumei na Mama de
2. Orange Caramel; recommended song: pop Shanghai Romance, ballad Love Does Not Wait
3. T-ara; recommended song: pop Wae Ireoni, ballad Cry Cry Ballad ver
4. Girls Generation (SNSD); recommended song: pop Hoot, ballad Star Star Star
5. KARA; recommended song: pop Step, ballad Orion
6. Secret; recommended song: pop Sarangeun MOVE, ballad Starlight Moonlight
7. 4Minute; recommended song: pop Heart to Heart, ballad Calmly Naturally
8. Davichi; recommended song: pop Seulpeun Dajim, ballad Don't Say Goodbye
9. AKB48; recommended song: pop Yuuhi wo Miteiru ka?, ballad Shinkirou
10. Kana Nishino; recommended song: pop GO FOR IT!!, ballad Tatoe Donna ni...

Extra :
Oldies: Noriko Sakai; recommended song: pop Yume Bouken, ballad Yokogao
Anime; recommended song: pop Ceui - Soai Calendula, ballad Shimokawa Mikuni - Alone
Game; recommended song: pop Yomi - Yume wa Owaranai ~Kobore Ochiru Toki no Shizuku~
ballad: Faye Wong - Eyes On Me

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  1. I know you have translated many Psy's songs..
    Can please translate more PSY's old works?
    "In My Eyes"
    "All Night Long"
    "Would Beg" (Bionnika)

    thank you very much >..<

  2. please!!! *silent sirent- stella* lyrics


  3. I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!ahhahaa just wanna say that:D
    keep the good work^^