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Saturday, September 12, 2015

ZHIEND Let’s feel Good 歌詞 lyrics

Let’s feel Good
Lyrics 日本語 Japanese & English Version

Single: Trigger

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Japanese / Kanji Lyrics 日本語歌詞


知ってた すべては夢で
でもいいよ 今はとびっきり

笑おう くだらないことでいい



笑おう 今日も変わりなく
きみのそば そうしているあたしがいい

そうだった もう起きた後だ

笑おう ひとり
ギターを弾いて作ろうか 馬鹿すぎて困らせた日々の唄を

Romaji Lyrics

Niji ga sora ni wa kakatte
Kyou wa tooku e ikesou
Kawa wo hadashi de watatte
Hayaku koeyou oka wo

Subete wa yume de
Demo ii yo
Ima wa tobikkiri

Kudaranai koto de ii
Sore ga yuiitsu no torie nanda shi
Ii kibun de ikou janai
Me ga sametara douse hitori sa

Kusa wo
Kakiwake susumou
Ashi wo kitte mo heiki sa
Kumo wo tsukami ni ikou

Itsuka omoidasu darou
Kimi wo suki datta koro no hibi

Kyou mo kawarinaku
Kimi no soba
Sou shiteiru atashi ga ii

Samui basho da na koko wa
Sou datta
Mou okita ato da

Waraou hitori
Atashi wa baka de
Nani mo wakatte inakatta zutto
GITAA wo hiite tsukurou ka
Baka sugite komaraseta hibi no uta wo
Ii kibun de ikou janai
Jinsei nante douse hitori sa

English Version Lyrics

There is a rainbow across the sky
And today, I feel like I can go far away
Passing through across the river on bare foot
Let's hurry going over the hills

I knew it
Everything is just a dream
But it's alright cause right now I am exceptional

Let's laugh aloud to silly things, it's alright
That is the one and only thing I can do best that's me
Let's feel good and live it out
When I wake up I'll be all alone anyways

Marching on striving through the deep grass
Even if the grass will cut our feet it's fine
Spit on it and it will be just alright
Let's go and catch the clouds in the sky

Soon I will remember those days when I used to fall for you
Let's laugh aloud today just like any other days we spent
Being next to you is what I like the most

This is a very cold place it is
Oh yes, I remember I have already awaken
Let's laugh aloud alone by myself
I was foolish and didn't know anything for all this time
Why don't I play a guitar and write a song
about a foolish person troubling you everyday
Let's feel good and live it out
Everybody is all alone in this life

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