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Monday, April 22, 2013

Guren no Yumiya lyrics 紅蓮の弓矢 歌詞 Linked Horizon

Linked Horizon
Guren no Yumiya (紅蓮の弓矢)
Feuerroter Pfeil und Bogen
Fiery / Crimson Bow and Arrow
Lyrics English Translation & Romanized

Linked Horizon Guren no Yumiya 紅蓮の弓矢 lyrics
Linked Horizon - Guren no Yumiya (紅蓮の弓矢) lyrics 歌詞

Single: Jiyuu e no Shingeki (自由への進撃)
Shingeki no Kyojin (進撃の巨人; Attack on Titan) OP opening theme song

作詞 /Lyrics: Revo
作曲 /Music: Revo

Seid ihr das Essen? Nein, wir sind der Jäger! means: Are you the meal? No, we are the hunter!

Japanese / Kanji Lyrics 歌詞

Seid ihr das Essen?
Nein, wir sind der Jäger!

Ha…ha! wir sind der Jäger! (?Attack on Titan !?)
Ha…ha! wir sind der Jäger! (?Attack on Titan !?)

踏まれた花の 名前も知らずに
地に墜ちた鳥は 風を待ち侘びる

祈ったところで 何も変わらない
≪不本意な現状≫(いま)を変えるのは 戦う覚悟だ...

屍踏み越えて 進む意志を 嗤う豚よ
家畜の安寧 ...虚偽の繁栄 ...死せる俄狼の『自由』を!

囚われた屈辱は 反撃の嚆(こうし)だ 城壁の其の彼方 獲物を屠る≪狩人≫(イェーガー)
迸る≪殺意≫(しょうどう)に 其の身を灼きながら 黄昏に緋を穿つ

Ha…ha! wir sind der Jäger! (?Attack on Titan !?)
Ha…ha! wir sind der Jäger! (?Attack on Titan !?)

矢を番え追い駈ける 標的(やつ)は逃がさない
矢を放ち追い詰める 決して逃がさない

限界まで引き絞る はち切れそうな弦
≪標的≫(やつ)が息絶えるまで 何度でも放つ

≪凶器≫(どうぐ)でも 技術でもない
研ぎ澄まされた お前自身の殺意だ

Wir sind der Jäger 焔のように熱く!
Wir sind der Jäger 氷のように冷ややかに!
Wir sind der Jäger 己を矢に込めて!
Wir sind der Jäger 全てを貫いて征け!


何ひとつ≪危険性≫(リスク)等 背負わないままで 何かが叶う等……

暗愚の想定 ...唯の幻影 ...今は無謀な勇気も...
『自由』の尖兵 ...賭けの攻勢

架せられた不条理は 進撃の嚆(こうし)だ
止めどなき≪殺意≫(しょうどう)に 其の身を侵されながら 宵闇に紫(し)を運ぶ

Ha…ha! wir sind der Jäger! (?Attack on Titan !?)
Ha…ha! wir sind der Jäger! (?Attack on Titan !?)

Romaji Lyrics

Seid ihr das Essen?
Nein, wir sind der Jäger!

Ha…ha! wir sind der Jäger! (?Attack on Titan !?)
Ha…ha! wir sind der Jäger! (?Attack on Titan !?)

Fuma reta hana no namae mo shirazuni
Ji ni ochita tori wa kaze wo machiwabiru

Inotta tokoro de nani mo kawaranai
Ima o kaeru no wa tatakau kakugoda...

Shikabane fumikoete susumu ishi wo warau buta yo
Kachiku no an'nei... Kyogi no han'ei... Shiseru kao no “jiyuu” o!

Torawareta kutsujoku wa hangeki no koushida Jouheki no sono kanata emono o hofuru Yegar
Hotobashiru shoudou ni sono mi o yakinagara tasogare ni hi wo ugatsu
Guren no yumiya

Ha…ha! wir sind der Jäger! (?Attack on Titan !?)
Ha…ha! wir sind der Jäger! (?Attack on Titan !?)

Ya o tsugae oi kakeru yatsu wa nigasanai
Ya o hanachi oitsumeru kesshite nigasanai

Genkai made hikishiboru hachikire-sōna jibun
Yatsu ga ikitaeru made nandodemo hanatsu

Emono o korosu no wa
Dō gu demo gijutsu demonai
Togisumasa reta omae jishin no satsuida

Wir sind der Jäger homura no you ni atsuku!
Wir sind der Jäger kōri no you ni hiyayaka ni!
Wir sind der Jäger onore o ya ni komete!
Wir sind der Jäger subete o tsuranuite sei ke!

Nanika wo kaeru koto ga dekiru no wa
Nanika wo suteru koto ga dekiru mono

Nani hitotsu risuku-nano serowanai mama de nanika ga kanau-nano……

Angu no sōtei... Tada no gen'ei... Ima wa mubōna yuuki mo...
“Jiyuu” no senpei... Kake no kōsei
Hashiru dorei ni shōri o!

Kase rareta fujōri wa shingeki no koushida
Ubawa reta sono chihei sekai o nozomu eren
Tomedo naki shōdō ni sono mi o okasarenagara yoiyami ni shi o hakobu
Meifu no yumiya

Ha…ha! wir sind der Jäger! (?Attack on Titan !?)
Ha…ha! wir sind der Jäger! (?Attack on Titan !?)

English Translation Lyrics

Are you prey? No, we are the hunters!

Crimson Bow and Arrows
Not knowing the name of the trampled flower
Birds that have fallen from the sky tire of waiting upon the wind
Prayers won’t change anything
Only the resolve to fight can change the (Undesirable Present Situation)[present]…
You pigs who sneer at our will to step over corpses and march onwards
Enjoy the peace of livestock…false prosperity…"freedom" of the dying wolves that hunger!
The humiliation of entrapment is our cue to counterattack
Beyond the castle walls lies a (hunter) killing his prey
With a surging (killer impulse) scorching his body, he pierces the dusk scarlet
With a crimson arrow
Drawing his bow, he takes after his target; he won’t let it escape
Releasing his arrow, he closes upon it; he won’t let it escape
He bends his bow to its limits, the string on the verge of snapping
He’ll release it, time and time again, until (his target) draws its last breath
What truly kills a prey
Are not (weapons)[tools] nor your skills at using it
But your own sharp killing intent
We are the hunters -) passionate as flames!
We are the hunters -) cold as ice!
We are the hunters -) pour your heart and soul into your arrow!
We are the hunters -) boldly go forth and pierce through everything!

Attack on the titans.
The boy from back then will soon take up the sword.
Who only laments his powerlessness won’t be able to change a thing.
They boy from back then will soon take up the black sword. Hate and rage are a double-edged blade.
Soon, one day, he will bare his fangs against fate.
Ones that could hope to change anything
Are ones who could bear to abandon anything
Without bearing any (risk) at all, how could you hope to attain anything…?
Foolish assumptions…they are but mere phantasms…right now, we could do with even reckless courage…
The advance guards of (freedom)…betting on their offensive
Victory to the charging slaves!
All this absurdity forced upon us are our cue to attack
Deprived of his horizon, (The boy from that day)[Eren] yearns for “freedom"[the world]
With relentless (killer impulse) assailing his body, he carries violet* to dusk-
With an arrow from Hades

Ha…ha! wir sind der Jäger! (?Attack on Titan !?)
Ha…ha! wir sind der Jäger! (?Attack on Titan !?)

Translator's note: For people who aren’t familiar with Linked Horizon/Sound Horizon in general, there are usually places in a song where the written lyrics in the booklet differ from what is actually being sung. Anything surrounded by [] brackets are what Revo is actually singing.

*Long abused pun by Revo. The pronunciation of violet(shi) in Japanese is the same as death, so the color has long been associated with death and Hades.

English translator:


  1. Should be: "Sie sind das Essen und wir sind die Jäger"

    I'm not sure about this one "Ha...ha! Attack on Titan" but imho it sounds like "Ha...ha! Sind die Jäger".

    (src: Me, I'm german :D)

    1. We'll have to wait until the official lyrics come out, but it sounds a lot more like "Attack on Titan".

    2. I'm a german too. Sorry, "Ha - ha! Sind die Jäger." is correct.

      It's not easy to understand, but i heard it now ten times "Ha...ha! Attack on Titan" doesn't fit to the melody, but "Ha - ha! Sind die Jäger." fits perfect and it makes more sense: "Ha - ha, are the hunters"

  2. Me again ^^"

    The title "Feuerroter Pfeil und Bogen" translates to:
    "Fiery [fire-red, crimson is more like blood-red] arrow and bow"

    1. Crimson is from Guren (紅蓮). For example: Kimblee from Fullmetal Alchemist is Guren no Renkinjutsushi translate into Crimson Alchemist. Or Fairy Tail Natsu's ougi: Guren Bakuenjin (紅蓮爆炎刃) translate into Crimson Lotus: Exploding Flame Blade. But you are right.

  3. There's no way that in the beginning and in the end that the choir is saying "sind die Jäger" when they sing "ha ha ha ha".

    You can clearly tell at the bridge, they are singing that (sind die Jäger) when Revo does. At that point it actually sounds like "sind die Jäger".

    It definitely sounds more like "Attack on Titan" in the beginning and end.

    1. Actually I wait for the official lyrics to confirm this. But even official lyrics don't have that part.

  4. German is my native language, and I hear "Wir sind die Jäger", instead of "Wir sind der Jäger"

  5. hi im also native german. i hear "wir sind die jäger" but its possible that it should be "wir sind der jäger" because the band aint native germans ^.- but thats ok. And the beginning is correct "seid ihr das essen? nein, wir sind die jäger" makes defently more sense and you can also hear it if you listen closely.